When you work with ESAB, you can build with confidence.

No two industries or projects are alike, which is why you need a partner that understands your unique challenges. Only ESAB offers complete welding and cutting solutions for the most demanding industries. From filler metals to a suite of digital services, our products are designed and tested to work together for maximum productivity. Plus, with unparalleled application knowledge and our Value Added Engineering approach, we can analyse your production data and recommend the optimal combination of products.

ESAB Welding Solutions are designed to:

Improve productivity

Lower operating cost

Minimise risk

Protect safety and environment


ESAB’s innovative products for onshore and offshore applications help you keep pace with the world’s growing energy needs.

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Designed for cryogenic applications, ESAB’s LNG solutions are ideal for 9% Ni steel tanks, liquefaction, and regasification plants.

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Power Generation

ESAB has long been a trusted supplier of alloys and high-productivity equipment for the power generation industry.

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From plate cutting, to fit-up and welding, ESAB provides turn-key solutions for on and offshore windmill production.

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ESAB was founded as a ship repair company. Over 100 years later, our commitment to the shipbuilding and offshore markets remains steadfast.

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ESAB equips the world’s most innovative refineries and chemical processing plants with high-performance filler metals, equipment, and welding processes.

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Whatever process your pipe mill uses, ESAB offers solutions for internal and external heads, filler metals, booms, flux feed equipment, and more.

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Steel Construction

As infrastructures expand, trust ESAB’s robust solutions for building skyscrapers, long-span bridges, and other mega-engineering projects.

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Mobile machinery

The construction and maintenance of heavy duty mobile machinery calls for tools and equipment that only ESAB can provide.

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ESAB has intelligent solutions for the automotive industry to optimize and improve weld quality, productivity and connectivity.

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Railway Vehicles

ESAB has solutions to streamline railcar fabrication from cutting and joint preparation on raw plate, to all automated and manual welding.

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ESAB offers a variety of machinery, supplies, and accessories to meet the unique welding and cutting needs of the shipbuilding industry.

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Letecký průmysl

ESAB’s Friction Stir Welding (FSW) process changed the aerospace game in 1992, and that relationship has only grown stronger since.

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Opravy a údržba

ESAB’s solutions for repair, maintenance, and hardfacing are critical to restoring your projects, and your productivity.

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Steel service centre

ESAB provides premier software and hardware solutions for more value at the lowest cost per part in the industry.

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Talk with an expert in your industry

ESAB has complete solutions to improve your operations.


At ESAB, our roots as pioneers in welding date back to 1904. Today, we remain at the forefront of welding and cutting technology. Through our commitment to quality, the environment, and safety, we strive to improve our products and processes to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

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