ICE™ exploits the excess heat generated by the welding process to melt an additional non-powered welding electrode - the Integrated Cold Electrode; this yields significant productivity benefits without increasing heat input.


  • Up to 50% higher deposition rate - instead of adding more energy, ICE™ utilizes the excess heat available to melt more wire, boosting productivity by up to 50%, depending on the application
  • High Deposition Root™ - ICE™ technology enables the use of tandem welding in root passes for improved penetration and high productivity, eliminating the need for back gouging
  • High Deposition Root™ and increased deposition rate can increase productivity in applications where welding speed is the key to maximizing productivity
  • Reduced energy consumption - the ICE™ process enables an increase in deposition rate by up to 50% without adding more energy, combining environmental benefits with significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Innovative Flat Cap Control™ - adjusting the ratio of “cold wire” used for cap runs makes it possible to produce a flatter cap to the weld, increasing fatigue resistance and reducing the need for post weld treatment
  • Reduced flux consumption - complete welding applications with fewer runs resulting in a reduction of flux consumption by up to 20% when welding with a 50% higher deposition rate

Průmyslová odvětví

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Pipe Construction
  • Ship/Barge Building
  • Windtower

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